Strategic Communications

You’ll spend wisely when you plan wisely

Investing in planning pays off when the right strategy is in place. At Sims, we begin with the end in mind as we believe effective marketing programs are governed by smart strategy. Our team of skilled marketers will take the time to learn about your business, understand your objectives and recommend strategic tactics and solutions. Before we begin a project, we’ll ensure strategic alignment. This will ensure we provide creative that is on brand and effective. If you are looking to have your marketing investment pay dividends – invest in the strategic thinkers at Sims.

Staff discussing strategy in our boardroom
Strategic Marketing Plans

Our experienced team has developed strategic marketing plans for over 29 years. We’ll work with you to ensure a comprehensive plan is developed to focus your marketing on the right strategy.

Positioning Your Brand

Our team has worked with a number of key brands in many different categories. We’ll work with you on determining where your brand is today – and where it needs to be to help you drive interest and sales in your product.

Market Intelligence

Competitive analysis, consumer insights and consumers media habits are just three types of market intelligence we can help provide you. Armed with the right information, you’ll make better decisions with your marketing spend. We can help.

Blue Sky Sessions

Our Blue Sky Sessions allows us to collaborate with you on new ideas and strategies to help you meet any objective. It may be a fancy name for brainstorming, but our Blue Sky Sessions have delivered great success for our clients in the past.

Planning the marketing route to take on a whiteboard

Good strategy comes from collaboration

We have often said that when you combine what you know about your business – and what we know about ours – you’ll likely come to the right strategy. Sims has always encouraged collaboration with our clients. This ensures strategies that are focused on our clients’ objectives. After all, they have had a hand in the process right from the beginning. From fully developed marketing plans to a  targeted strategic digital buy – Sims will work with you to ensure your marketing success.

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Print & Digital

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